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Batch files for using Daphne with MaLa. Please replace the path information in the batch files to your needs. Use 'bat' as rom extension and daphne.bat as executable in the emulator settings.

Source Code (Delphi)



Use these classes to read and write led animations.



Use these classes to read and write game lists.


MaLa is Freeware!

By downloading any software from this page you agree to the following:

  • The software and all associated texts, graphics, copyrights belong wholly to the copyright holder.
  • The software is provided on an 'as is' basis.
  • No warranties at all.
  • Private non-commercial use only!

MaLa Files for Download:

Official MaLa release pack:

MaLa 1.74
:: 7.18MB ::


- All MaLa applications / Tools
- MaLa PlugIn SDK
and some extras ;-)

Note: No dll's included or required anymore).


Beta version: (if you wish to test)

The latest beta:   MaLa 1.820      *BETA*


Details of what has changed can be seen on the WIP page
Check changes against downloaded version number, as not all beta versions are made for general release.


Note: this is only MaLa.exe not the rest of the tools. Download those from release version above



Older release versions:

MaLa 1.05a :: 2.79MB :: All MaLa applications with all needed dll files and extras.


The following are the last official versions compiled by Swindus

MaLa 1.04 :: 2.39MB :: All MaLa applications with all needed dll files.

Old MaLas :: 11.39MB :: A collection of various older MaLa versions no longer supported.

   Includes version 0.99, RC4, 1.03 and many others.....


Spanish Version Pack sent by Cabecita
Note: This is not checked or supported by Loadman

MaLa RC9 Spanish

Plugins MaLa translated: LEDBlinky 3.50, EmuWave, LEDWizv2, MatureAlarm, SerialDisplay, Speech and UltrastickMap

 MaLa is free and totally unrestricted, but if you find yourself using it regularly, any token donation is certainly welcome.

Donate to Loadman:

Donate to Swindus:

Some virus scanners will report a virus in the file MalaKeyhook.dll.

There is NO virus inside!

It's also safe to delete this file because it's only necessary for the exit hook (other emulators) on win98/ME systems. Use the hotkeys instead on other systems if required.

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