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MaLa Hardware in action on Win98SE (PIII 650MHz):

Selecting games
Attract mode

Attract mode on a massive control panel!
6 Joysticks
1 Spinner
1 Trackball
47 Buttons

Massive attract mode

SDK: Use the following SDK to support the MaLa Hardware in your applications!

SDK is available for Windows, MacOS, Linux and Java.

SDK download page



MaLa Hardware enables you to connect a lcd from 1 x 16 up to 4 x 40 characters and up to 64 leds to your cab. The lcd can display various informations from games, gamelists and more and the leds can be used to light your buttons as shown on the pictures above controlled by game information. MaLa Hardware itself is connected by usb to your computer. Two versions are available:
• Lcd and 16 leds
• 32 leds

You can connect one or two boards to your computer and the following combinations are possible:
• Lcd and 16 leds (1 board)
• 32 leds (1 board)
• Lcd and 48 leds (2 boards)
• 64 leds (2 boards)


LCD/16LED Version

32LED Version

Assembly Kit

Leds and backside view


You can use standard or translucent pushbuttons. Check to order buttons which work great with MaLa Hardware.

LCD Display

The LCD is not included and you have to buy one. Please use HD44780 compatible controllers. The following displays are working great with MaLa Hardware:

White on blue
Black on green

 MaLa is free and totally unrestricted, but if you find yourself using it regularly, any token donation is certainly welcome.

Donate to Loadman:

Donate to Swindus:

Order: Not available at the moment.

Build: Assembly guide by loadman.

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