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MaLa can be enhanced with plugins in various ways. The plugins can react on various MaLa events like game selection, emulator selection and so on.

How to install a plugin?

  • Copy the plugin file (*.mplugin) in the 'plugins' subfolder of the MaLa application folder.
  • In the options dialog you can find a tab 'Event Plugins' which shows all accepted plugins.
For other or additional information about installation or configuration of a plugin read the included documents!

EmuWave 1.6 by Loadman

As you know MaLa itself already allows you to play a wav file triggered by certain events.
However this Plug-In gives you the added options of:
• Playing "Random" wavs from a nominated folder on these events.
• Play a "Specific" wav file when you switch list and Emu's.
The idea behind this is you make a voice/sound saying the EMU 'or' game lists name that will be triggered when you switch to it.

Please read the included TXT file for more information on installation and configuration.

Download :: Zip Archive :: 709.34KB

JoyChoose 1.0.2 by DaOld Man

JoyChoose is a plugin designed to work with Mala to automatically switch your joystick between 8, 4, and 2 way.
You must add the proper hardware to your joystick to actually switch it. JoyChoose tells your hardware which joystick position to switch to, based on what the selected game used.
If you would like to learn how to do this, this link will get you started:

Download :: Zip Archive :: 304.48KB

LedWiz 2.0 by Swindus, Edge and Loadman

MaLa v1.0 RC8 and greater

The MaLa LEDWiz Plugin was designed to be a simple but powerful tool to help light up your control panels.
We tried to make it as customizable as possible, and we are always open for more suggestions.
• Light up your controls in any RGB color by using the LEDWiz intensity levels
• Light up your controls as you scroll through game lists in MaLa
• Light up your game specific controls when you launch a game in MAME
• Set default lighting schemes for other emulators as well - not just MAME
• Over-ride default lighting settings for specific games (ie, NeoGeo games)
• FLASH -N-SPEAK - Plugin will flash and speak each control (FIRE, JUMP, etc) upon game launch
• Flash all your buttons on MaLa start, MaLa exit, game start, gamelist change, etc.
• Random Attract Mode - Randomly runs one of the many ledwiz animations (LWA) included
• Support for ADMIN buttons:- User can assign friendly names to admin buttons (ie, Menu, Pause, etc)-
User can make admin buttons stay lit (no matter what game is selected)
• EZ_RGB Data Entry• To help speed up data entry when configuring your panel, the config wizard will automatically populate the RGB values based on only one input.
For instance, if your RGB has its R wire in input 1, the plugin will automatically input G in input 2 and B in input 3.
• As you configurate your panel in the wizard, you can see your buttons lit up real time. Make a change and instantly see it!
• Support for up to 16 LEDWiz controllers
• Support for both RGB and Single Color LEDs
• All screens sized for 640x480.
• Microsoft .NET not needed.• And much more!

Download :: Zip Archive :: 921.69KB

MaLa Focus Logger 1.0 by TheShanMan

A plug-in to fix a bug where MaLa sometime loses windows focus. The C runtime files (the non .plugin files) need to go in the mala directory itself on some systems, and in the plugin directory on others (not sure why it varies).

Download :: Zip Archive :: 467.33KB

MaLa Launcher 1.0 by TheShanMan

Launch shortcuts when MaLa starts. Great if you have MaLa set to be your Windows shell but still need background apps to be started when you boot up.

Download :: Zip Archive :: 467.57KB

LEDBlinky 3.7.3 Full Install by Arzoo

LEDBlinky! Support & Screenshot Thread on BYOAC.
• Supports both the LED-Wiz and PAC-Drive USB output controllers. You can use multiple LED-Wiz’s, multiple PAC-Drives, or a combination of both.
• Light active and/or inactive controls for MaLa.
• Light active and/or inactive controls for MAME.
• Remapping controls will automatically remap the associated LEDs.
• With RGB LEDs, you can specify colors for individual controls or using a pre-defined colors.ini file, match the original game control panel button colors. Colors or intensities can also be customized on a game-by-game basis.
• Blink and speak controls when pausing a game and/or play a LED animation. This is a MAME only feature.
• Flash start buttons when credits are available - this is a MAME only game dependent feature.
• AND MUCH MUCH MORE! Check the support thread on BYOAC.LEDBlinky! Support & Screenshot Thread on BYOAC.
Please refer to the included ReadMe files to get it up and running!

MatureAlarm by Swindus

This plugin plays a siren sound when selecting a •mature• game. ;-)

Download :: 7z Archive :: 46.72KB

Serial Display by Loadman

Use this plugin to display text on serial displays like a BetaBrite.

• Support for two displays (1xLCD & 1xBetaBrite)
• Loads Silver .lcd files
• Uses MaLa data to show current menu and game etc as you scroll
• Custom text for various events (screensaver, MaLa start)

Please read the included TXT file for more information on installation and configuration.

An application for easy configuration is also included:

Download :: 7z Archive :: 452.67KB

RotateScreen 1.0 by Ede

Automaticaly rotating monitor for the "Jumbo Quadro" cab (german universal cab). The full documentation inkluding hardware layout can bee found here:

Download :: 7z Archive :: 131.18KB

Speech 1.6 by Loadman

MaLa v1.0 RC8 and greaterThis plugin talks to you:
• MaLa Start (Custom)
• Game Start (Will say launched game name)
• MaLa Quit (Custom)

• Button funtion allocation.. eg FIRE, BOMB!


Needs the Windows Speech API to work.

Download :: Zip Archive :: 693.2KB

StartCom 5.3.2. by Ken

Use startcom_config to set up your startcom plugin for Mala.
Place startcom_config in the same folder as startcom (Usually Mala\plugins).

This package contains this readme file, startcom.mplugin, startcom_config.exe, and comdlg32.ocx
Place the startcom.mplugin and startcom_config.exe files in your Mala\plugins folder.
The included comdlg32.ocx file needs to be placed in the windows\system32 folder. It may also need to be registered with regsrv.
To register it, click start/run then type in "regsvr32 c:\windows\system32\comdlg32.ocx " (without the quote marks.)
This should register it.
The file startcom_config.exe needs this ocx file to run properly. I would try to run it first, you may already have it on your computer.

This program was written by Ken Rager and is free for public use. (2009)

Download :: Zip Archive :: 363.85KB

UltraStik Mapper 1.3 by FatFingers

This plugin will automatically apply map files (.ugc files) to your UltraStiks before a game is started and after a game has exited.

New in v1.3
- Maps are now applied correctly for games with vertical 2 way joysticks.
- Plugin Is now configurale via the MaLa config-plug-in tab

New in v1.2.03:
• Maps now applied by emulator name for non-MAME emulators.
Map name must match name of emulator as it is named in MaLa
• default.ugc has been added and is always the last map file that the plugin will attempt to load if it doesn't find anything else.
• An installation program is included in the package to hopefully simplify the installation process for many users. The installer will prompt for installation locations of MaLa and UltraMap and install the plugin and map files appropriately.
• PATH environment variable no longer needs to be modified to include the path to UltraMap. Instead, the installer locates UltraMap and stores the location in the registry and that location is used when running UltraMap from within the plugin.

New in v1.1:
• Clones no longer need their own maps
• Added support for detection of installaton directory

Download :: Zip Archive :: 102.98KB
• MaLa v1.0 RC8 and greater

 MaLa is free and totally unrestricted, but if you find yourself using it regularly, any token donation is certainly welcome.

Donate to Loadman:

Donate to Swindus:




The Kit is now provided with the standard MaLa download.

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