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Development Work In Progress
This shows work on the next version not yet released .
These versions may be released as BETA to a select group, for the purposes of testing.



MaLa 1.820    -   
Mod: Support for .7z files

MaLa 1.810    -   
Fix layout issue, when if no game counts are set on the games list (Top and bottom) then position would be incorrect.

MaLa 1.745    -   
Mod: Added Force Focus commands in various place in the code (may need adjustment after feedback from testing).
Mod: Changes to the way detection and configuration is done for the option of Multiple MaLa's.
Mod: Now allows mp4 video type

MaLa 1.744    -   
Mod: Added option in (GUI-MaLa Start) to allow staring multiple MaLa's

MaLa 1.743    -   
Mod: Splash screen after suspend/hibernate replaced with smaller info window to cater for Low Rez displays
Improvement: Restart Option , Logging switching / viewing and email after After Crash ... Like that ever happens :-)

Mod: Default Logging now on by deafult. Logname changed from MaLa.exe.log to MaLa-LOG.log to make it more obvious to users with windows folder settings to hide file extensions.

MaLa 1.742    -   
Mod: Now an option to allow opening of more than one mala at a time
Added logging to show command line used to open games and %rom% etc.. substitution
BugFix: Main volume no longer gets altered to Video volume when Video loaded.

BugFix: Fixed tracking of selected game in list (if it was the first game)

MaLa 1.741    -    20/3/2011
BugFix: Music not stopping after switching away from Juke using keyboard- Prev/Next EMU


March 13 , 2011 
MaLa: Version 1.74 released

November 27 , 2010 
MaLa: Version 1.73 released

October 30 , 2010 
MaLa: Version 1.72 released

September 4 , 2010 
MaLa: Version 1.71 released

August 28 , 2010
MaLa: Version 1.70 released

 MaLa is free and totally unrestricted, but if you find yourself using it regularly, any token donation is certainly welcome.

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